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Buying a used car? 3 reasons to schedule a pre-purchase inspection

Question: We’re looking for a reliable used vehicle in Lake Forest for our daughter, who’s going to be taking it to college this fall. We’re looking at cars that are just 3-4 years old with 50,000 – 60,000 miles on them. Is there still a need for a used vehicle inspection?

Used car inspection, pre-purchase inspectionAnswer: Yes, absolutely. Why?

Reason #1: A pre-purchase inspection is cheap insurance.

For $75, one of our ASE-Certified Master Technicians will inspect the car from bumper to bumper to determine the overall condition of the car, what (if any) auto repairs are needed, and what preventive maintenance is due now or in the near future.

If the car has been neglected or shows signs of hard wear-and-tear, you’ll know before you buy and can save yourself from a costly case of buyer’s remorse.

Reason #2: Knowledge is power.

Our inspection includes suspension, steering gear, tires, brakes, belts, hoses, exhaust, all fluids, and testing of electrical system (battery and alternator). In short, our used car inspection is very th0rough.

And you’ll leave Auto Lab knowing how much money you’ll need to spend on auto repairs or maintenance right away, within a year and what’s down the road a bit. This can help you decide if the vehicle is the right purchase for you or if you should keep car shopping.

Reason #3: It’s a great negotiating tool.

The vehicle owner or dealer doesn’t want to put money into a car they are trying to sell unless they absolutely have to.

But once you know what maintenance and repairs the vehicle needs, you can use that information to negotiate a better price. You mention that you’re looking at cars with 50,000-60,000 miles on them. At that mileage, many vehicles will often need brakes (usually front), tires and possibly drive belts. And at 60k, most vehicles are due for several preventive maintenance services that can cost a few hundred to several hundred dollars. Isn’t it worth $75 to have this information before you buy the car?

We wish you the best of luck shopping for that used car, and we’ll be here when you’re ready.

Ready for a used car inspection now? Contact Auto Lab in Libertyville or schedule an appointment online.

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