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Costs of Owning & Repairing

Put the brakes on car care costs to save money

Have you considered the long-term cost of driving your vehicle? Whether you drive 10 or 50 miles a day, other factors such as preventive maintenance, driving style and more will help you save money on overall car care costs during the life of your vehicle.   Lots of vehicle owners chalk up car-ownership costs to the price at…

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Auto Repair Advice You Can Count On

A home maintenance DIY-er painting his family room might head to the hardware store to buy paint, brushes and drop cloths. But is that all he needs to do the job right? Hardware retailers wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t guide customers through the purchasing process to ensure they head home with everything…

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Buying a used car? 3 reasons to schedule a pre-purchase inspection

Question: We’re looking for a reliable used vehicle in Lake Forest for our daughter, who’s going to be taking it to college this fall. We’re looking at cars that are just 3-4 years old with 50,000 – 60,000 miles on them. Is there still a need for a used vehicle inspection? Answer: Yes, absolutely. Why?…

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Hybrid auto repair costs on the decline

We recently wrote about a question we hear regularly from our clients: Should I buy a hybrid? In this case, our Libertyville client was considering buying a hybrid vehicle but was concerned about the cost of replacing the hybrid battery. And we have good news for that client and other consumers who are considering the…

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Repair or replace? Find out the true cost of a new car in Libertyville

Question: My car needs a number of repairs (new tires, brakes, timing belt) and I’m not sure it’s worth putting the money into it. It’s got about 110,000 miles on it from driving all around Libertyville and Mundelein, and there’s some good looking new cars out there! Should I go ahead and upgrade or just…

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Save money with these car buying and ownership tips

There are a number of ways to save money, such as not eating out as often and planning “staycations” instead of pricey vacations. But we often overlook a big one: what’s sitting in our driveway or garage. Not only is there the monthly payment for that car, truck, van or motorcycle, there’s also depreciation, fuel,…

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