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Winterize & Winter Driving

Winterize Your Car | Libertyville, IL

Before we know it, winter will be here. After last year, I’m not sure I’m ready for another onslaught of snow and record low temperatures. Are you ready? What about your car? New tires, testing the battery, and replacing your wiper blades may be at the top of your checklist, but there are a few…

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It's the perfect time to get your car or truck ready for winter!

Question: I keep seeing commercials about winterizing my car. I know this is not a warm sunny climate, but I already keep up with regular maintenance. Do I have to really do anything different for winter? What does “winterize” really mean? Answer: Hard winter conditions can take a toll on our cars, so you do need…

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Foreign car owners: Why you need snow tires

With the name “all-season tires,” you’d think they would be a good choice year-round. After all, that’s what exactly what they’re designed to be. And in many cases, all-season tires get the job done. But in this area, we’ve seen first-hand how owners of European and Japanese car makes benefit from installing snow tires during…

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Winter is here: Are you and your car ready for the road ahead?

Although we had a mild winter to start, the cold weather is here and we don’t know what the rest of January and February might bring. We could still have a couple serious months of potentially hazardous driving to come. We can’t stay home for all that time, so here are some tips for keeping…

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