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Why do I need a coolant flush?

Question: My owner’s manual shows that I’m due for a coolant flush at 90,000 miles. What does coolant do? And do I really need a coolant flush?  Answer: A coolant flush or cooling system flush is modern-day terminology for ridding your radiator of rust, dirt, sludge and old antifreeze or “radiator fluid.” The fluid is…

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Our building renovations are nearly complete!

We’ve been renovating and updating the outside of our auto repair shop all summer, and we’re thrilled to say the project is nearly complete. In addition to the building exterior, we’ve redone the customer waiting area. Here are some photos of the project. If you haven’t been by in awhile, we invite you to stop…

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New! Pick up a loaner car after hours — including on weekends

It’s no secret that we’re all pressed for time. For all of our modern conveniences, it seems we primarily use them to pack more into each day. That’s why we give you the option to pick up a free loaner car after hours when you drop your car for service. Loaner cars are first come,…

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Make sure your kids’ cars are ready to head back to school

Can you believe it’s August already? It seems like the weather just warmed up, and it’s already time to think about the end of summer vacation. Back to School time means a lot of things – shopping for new school clothes, picking out the perfect backpack, and for some college freshmen, even packing up and…

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Buying a used car? 3 reasons to schedule a pre-purchase inspection

Question: We’re looking for a reliable used vehicle in Lake Forest for our daughter, who’s going to be taking it to college this fall. We’re looking at cars that are just 3-4 years old with 50,000 – 60,000 miles on them. Is there still a need for a used vehicle inspection? Answer: Yes, absolutely. Why?…

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Hybrid auto repair costs on the decline

We recently wrote about a question we hear regularly from our clients: Should I buy a hybrid? In this case, our Libertyville client was considering buying a hybrid vehicle but was concerned about the cost of replacing the hybrid battery. And we have good news for that client and other consumers who are considering the…

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