• Mike and Nancy Ward, Grayslake, IL

  • Hector Rodriguez, Gurnee, IL

  • Maryann V., Libertyville, IL

  • Doug S., Antioch, IL

  • Destin

  • Laurie W.

  • Deann

“I needed new brakes on my 86,000 mile Hyundai Elantra and wanted to have the service done. I had some squeaky belts that I wanted to have replaced or repaired and I had recently had the check engine light come on and wanted to see what the issue might be. I had also had my car stall while driving about 1 week prior and was concerned as to what would cause that. My care just stopped running when I was at a light and wouldn't start up again until about the 3rd try.

“I dropped the car off and received a call later that morning with the estimate for the brakes (about what I expected), a recommendation for new serpentine belts (never been replaced) and then a little bit more work than I anticipated from the check engine light. I ended up having a few cracked pipes under the car related to the exhaust and air a few sensors were being tripped. I didn't want to spend as much as the work was going to cost, but after talking to the shop manager a little more and understanding what the impact of the issues was (it was why my car stalled) I opted to have all the work done at the shop. I'd read the reviews on Angie's list and liked the feedback and wanted to see how they would do. Additionally, it's getting to be coldest part of winter, so I'm not interested in having car issues right now.

“The work was done on time and I picked up my car the next day. About two days later, however, the check engine light came back on again. I gave AutoLab a call and they asked me to come back to the shop to take a look. This was a new issue,but it was related to the original issue and the work that they had just completed. What I'm really pleased about is that they considered this part of the original problem and fixed it without any additional charges. I have been driving without any issues now and everything is running like it should be.

“I would recommend AutoLab to anyone that's looking for a place to continually take your car where you can get to know the guys working on it (there's only around 4 employees) and can trust that they will do what they are supposed to do. I will be returning to AutoLab for both of our cars.”

Nate D., Gages Lake

“The work was completed in a very timely and professional manner. Sherman was very friendly and helpful throughout the process. Following the work on the heater core and serpentine belt, our alternator went out. Sherman went out of his way to help us return the vehicle to the shop. He sent a technician out with a jumper box that allowed us to drive the vehicle the remaining distance, thereby avoiding a tow charge. I would recommend Auto Lab to anyone and we'll definitely use them again for all of our cars.”

Tim B., Deerfield

“When they give an estimate, they are accurate. They do excellent work. I haven't had a problem yet with anything they've done. I plan on using them for new tires in a few weeks. Their price is fair.”

Boone B., Libertyville

“Brought in '93 Wrangler with bad clutch. They identified the problem and resolution without the expense of having a full clutch replacement. They've worked on my out of warrantee cars before, and did a great job at a reasonable price. Kevin and Sherman are great.”

Cary G., Libertyville

“Getting your car repaired can sometimes be a stressful and costly experience. However, after we started doing business with Auto Lab of Libertyville, I have to say that having ours cars maintained has changed to a positive experience because of Kevin, owner of Auto Lab and his son Sherman. They are both so pleasant and professional. I couldn’t be happier with their work and the work of their mechanics. They do a great job at a reasonable price. They can diagnose the problem quickly and fix it, in a timely manner.

“The most important thing to my husband and me is that they are so honest and trustworthy. They tell you the truth about your car's needs and don’t make up things to be done only to inflate the price. They are much less expensive than taking your car to a dealer and do an excellent job. They go beyond what would be expected in honestly communicating the problem.They even took my husband and me into the garage to show us the issues with my exhaust system.

“We have been using Auto Lab of Libertyville for about four years and their work has been consistently excellent. They do only what needs to be done and try to steer us to what is best for our cars. I have recommended Auto Lab to many of my family members and friends. They have all been pleased with their work. I notice they are pleasant to all their customers, but I want to add the fact that I observed the way they treat women customers and that is with the greatest respect. That is not always true when women are dealing with auto repair service. I can see why they keep winning the Angie’s List Super Service Reward. If you need auto repair service, Auto Lab of Libertyville is the place for you.”

Judy W., Mundelein

Ryan G., Gurnee  “I know that by bringing my car here, I’m not going to get the auto shop runaround. They’re to the point and speak in terms I can understand. I trust their work, and I wouldn’t put the safety of my family in anyone else’s hands.”

Ryan G., Gurnee

“I have a 10-year-old Jaguar and have been taking it to the dealer for service since it was purchased as new. The dealer told me that the car needed some work... Front brakes, oil change and two new tires. The price I was quoted caused me to look into Angie's List to see if there was a reputable repair service that could work on my car for less money than I have been paying by taking it to the dealer.

“When I read the positive reviews about Auto Lab of Libertyville I thought it was worth a try to see if they could do a good job at a more reasonable cost. I am very happy to report that Auto Lab exceeded my and my husband's expectations. They could not have been more professional in explaining everything and quoted us a reasonable price for their work. They even drove my husband home when it was determined that it would take several hours to complete the work and they could start it immediately. The work was completed on time and at the price quoted.

“My only regret is that we didn't discover Auto Lab years ago because we could have saved a considerable amount of money for repairs. My husband and I will only be using Auto Lab of Libertyville for our auto repairs in the future. They have rightfully earned the accolades received by their customers. Lastly, the Angie's List coupon of 10% off the first repair service was a nice incentive to try someplace new for auto repair!”

JoAnn D., Lake Forest

David G., Gurnee   “The quality of service is exceptional. It’s the best. They’re very understanding and listen when I explain the details of what’s going on with my car. Sherman and Kevin have also been very helpful when I need a loaner car. They’re honest when explaining what my vehicle needs in terms of repairs, and I feel very comfortable and confident bringing my vehicle here.”

David G., Gurnee