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Tires are one of the specialties at Auto Lab

Question: When I need tires, shouldn’t I look for a place like Pep Boys, Sears, Sam’s Club that offers me the best deal? After all, tires are tires, aren’t they?

Answer: Actually, there’s a lot more to it than mounting any old tire on your car. And we have examples to prove it.

Changing wheel on carBut first, consider this: Your tires are the only things on your car that contact the road. They alone—or almost alone—keep you moving down the road safely when it’s wet, snowy or icy, and they work with your brakes to ensure you stop when you need to. And in all weather conditions, they help create a smooth ride.

Because of this, your vehicle needs tires that perform well with your driving habits, on your vehicle and in your climate. That’s where a place like Auto Lab stands out above the crowd of discount tire shops. Here’s an example: If you’re going to keep your car for another three years and you put 15,000 miles a year on it, we would recommend a 60,000-mile tire so the tire is still good when you sell the car or trade it in. If you buy a 45,000-mile tire, you’ll have to replace the tires before you sell or trade the car.

Another example: A lot of performance tires are also directional (they have a specific directional tread). While they perform very well, they also can get very noisy. Say we had a customer with a Lexus ES300, which is typically a very, very quiet and smooth-riding car, and the tires were performance/directional. If we test drove it, the car would sound very loud going down the road, even if the tires were only one or two years old. At Auto Lab, we would not recommend that type of tire for a Lexus.

At Auto Lab, our service advisors are more experienced and we get to know the clients so we can recommend tires based on your needs—not what’s on sale this month. We try to best suit your needs. You might not know much about a tire or the tire that’s currently on your car, and a mass marketer might sell you a tire that doesn’t fit your needs. We spend a lot of time asking you questions before we make a recommendation. We’re going to recommend something based on your needs, not ours.

We also know about the products we’re selling. We’re not just putting a tire on your car to get rid of tire inventory, like those other stores do. Having a tire inventory can translate into tires that may not be as fresh. Tires are all date coded, so you can tell when they’ve been sitting around too long. We don’t have a tire inventory. We buy our tires from a major supplier and we check the codes to ensure they’re not old.

Installation is key, too. Our ASE-Certified technicians take the time to properly install the new tires, including cleaning the rims properly, installing tire valves carefully and balancing the wheels properly. It doesn’t matter how good your tires are if they aren’t installed correctly. That attention to detail improves the performance and longevity of tires.

When you buy a set of four tires at Auto Lab, we offer free loaner cars and free shuttle service.

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