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What's that light mean? Clogged air filter triggers this dashboard light

air_filter_clogged_indicatorThere are a number of dashboard warning lights in your vehicle that can pop on at any minute. Everyone knows what the oil light and battery light are for, but a lot of others are puzzling and require pulling out the owners’ manual. To help make things a little more clear, we take time each month to look at the different lights and what they stand for.

This month, we’re highlighting the symbol that indicates a clogged air filter. It means your car’s engine air filter needs to be replaced. It’s not an emergency, but it should be replaced as soon as possible because your car needs a clean air filter to operate properly.

iStock_air filterThe air filter removes dirt and debris from the outside air before the air flows into the engine cylinders. A little dirt on the filter is OK, but leave it unchanged for too long, and the filter will become clogged, restricting the airflow into the engine and reducing engine performance. A clean air filter, on the other hand, can improve gas mileage, acceleration and engine life all while lowering emissions.

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