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'When car is dirty, drive into the car wash' and other 'helpful' tips from car owner's manuals

Have you ever joked about some consumer warnings that seem blatantly obvious? We’re thinking of the very cautious, “Don’t use the hairdryer in the bathtub,” or the reminder for those who didn’t excel in Home Ec, “Remove cardboard from pizza before placing in oven.”

Does your car's owner's manual contain any of these helpful gems?

Does your owner’s manual contain any of these helpful gems? (Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune)

It seems carmakers have jumped on the bandwagon and are dumming down their vehicle owner’s manuals.

“If the windshield is covered with snow, remove the snow,” advises the manual for a 2014 Subaru Outback. A bit later in the whopping 254-page manual, you’ll find these helpful instructions: “To sound the horn, push the horn pad.”

Jim Mateja, who’s been writing about cars for years, put together a highly entertaining piece in the Chicago Tribune that we wanted to share with you: “Owner’s Manuals for Dummies?”

And while we had a good laugh (ok, more than one) while reading the article, we do sincerely hope the carmakers call the liability hounds off before they remove actual helpful information such as tire pressure specifications, maintenance schedules and where to locate the tire jack.

Does your owner’s manual contain any entertaining pieces of advice? Send it to us, and we’ll publish it on Facebook and maybe even our next newsletter!

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