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Auto Lab client Christie Sweatman: 'They're up front about everything'

June 17, 2018

In 2014, Christie Sweatman found herself in need of a new mechanic. That's when she met our very own Kevin Riddick at a networking group.“When Kevin joined our BNI group, we gave him a chance and loved everything about him," Christie says. "He's very honest... They're up front about everything. They've never made a mistake with my cars, but you know from talking to him weekly at BNI, that if something does go wrong, they'll own up to it. They're not going to try and blame it on something else."Christie's trust in Auto Lab has been passed along to several family members who now bring their vehicles here for service, including her husband, brother, Mom and sister-in-law.“They have great customer service," she says. "You walk in there, Sherman’s always there. Heather’s always there. They’re very friendly and outgoing. You can talk to them. It’s very personal.”She also likes the fact that we'll tell her when something doesn't need to be done to her vehicle. "If you think it needs to be done, and it doesn’t, they’ll tell you that," she says. "And let’s face it, there are people who would just do it if you asked.”Christie lives in Wisconsin but works in Vernon Hills. She finds it convenient to drop her car off for service and then head to work.What would she say to anyone who doesn't have a go-to auto shop? "I would obviously recommend Auto Lab," she says. "And I'd tell them that they're great. The pricing is comparable to everyone else. They have great customer service and fast service."If you have a good experience with our service, like Christie has had, we hope you feel comfortable referring us to your friends and family. We appreciate our customers and we promise to always do our best for you. If there's ever anything you need, please don't hesitate to call us at 847-367-4488 or to email us.

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