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Meet the Auto Repair Team

Noel Reyes

Meet Noel Reyes: Your Friendly Auto Tech at Auto Lab

Noel Reyes joined our Auto Lab team in 2001 and brings with him a wealth of knowledge from over 30 years in the auto repair business. He started his journey in the automotive world back in 1974 and has been going strong ever since.

Noel got his early education in Nicaragua before he went on to study Automotive Technology at Lindsey Hopkins Technical Institute. He's not just experienced; he's also an ASE-Certified Automotive Technician. This means he's really good at fixing engines, brakes, and electrical systems in cars, as well as making sure your heating and air conditioning are working right. He's also skilled in specific areas like fuel injection systems, Ford E.E.C. IV systems, and reprogramming car computers.

When he's not fixing cars, Noel loves to go bike riding. It's his way of relaxing and having fun. Noel is a key part of our Auto Lab team. He's here to help with all your car needs and make sure you're taken care of.

Dana Andrews

Meet Dana Andrews: Service Manager and Client Care Extraordinaire at Auto Lab

Dana Andrews, our dedicated Service Manager and Client Care Specialist, joined the Auto Lab team in 2019. He's been in the automotive industry since 1978, bringing over four decades of rich experience to our service team. His expertise is certified with an ASE C1 Service Advisor Certificate, demonstrating his outstanding skills in customer service and automotive care.

Outside the workshop, Dana is a man of diverse interests. He's deeply passionate about ornithology and is actively involved in the Raptor Resource Project, contributing to the study and preservation of birds of prey. Dana's love for cars extends beyond his professional life. He enjoys racing, as well as breaking and fixing his beloved Buick station wagon. He's a proud member of both the Buick Club of America and the Buick Performance Group, where he connects with fellow car enthusiasts. When asked his opinion about the best car ever made, he voted for the elegant Jaguar E-Type. If he could have his dream car, he’d love to own a 1970 Buick GSX, specifically with a flawless white 10/10 paint code. We like his style! 

Dana isn't just our Service Manager; he's a cornerstone of the client care experience at Auto Lab. He is dedicated to ensuring that every customer leaves with both their vehicle and their expectations well taken care of.

Brandon Brazil

Meet Brandon Brazil: Skilled Technician at Auto Lab

Brandon Brazil, our talented Technician, has been a part of the automotive industry since 2015 and joined the Auto Lab team in 2022. His journey began at the Universal Technical Institute in Lisle, IL, where he earned a comprehensive Tech Degree in Auto, Diesel, and Toyota systems.

Brandon's expertise is further backed by ASE certifications in Electrical Systems (A6) and Heating and Air Conditioning (A7). These qualifications make him a go-to expert for complex vehicle issues.

When he's not under the hood of a car, Brandon loves to unwind by fishing. It's his favorite way to relax and connect with nature. In terms of food, he can't resist the classic comfort of biscuits and gravy.

His dream car is a 2019 Audi RS3, preferably a 6-speed, reflecting his taste for performance and style. Brandon regards the Honda Civic as the best car ever made, likely appreciating its reliability and efficiency. If he could choose any superpower, it would be telekinesis, which could certainly add an interesting twist to his work as a technician!

Brandon's mix of professional training and personal interests makes him a valuable and interesting member of our Auto Lab team. He's here to ensure your vehicle gets the expert care it deserves, all with a friendly and approachable demeanor.

Marvin Turcios

Marvin Turcios: Experienced Technician at Auto Lab

Marvin Turcios, a skilled and ASE-Certified Automotive Technician, joined the Auto Lab team on August 1st, 2023. With a career in the automotive industry dating back to 1999, Marvin brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of vehicle mechanics to our service center.

Marvin's journey in the automotive field is marked by a passion for cars and knowledge in not just in fixing cars, but in understanding them, a skill honed over years of dedication and continuous learning.

Outside the workshop, Marvin is a family man at heart, cherishing time spent with his son and family. His hobbies include riding ATVs and sport motorcycles, showing a true spirit for adventure. 

Marvin’s favorite cars are Land Rovers and BMWs, vehicles known for their blend of luxury and performance, and believes the best car ever made is a Toyota, a testament to the brand's reliability and engineering. At Auto Lab, Marvin applies his extensive knowledge and customer-oriented approach to ensure that every car he works on is treated with the care and expertise.

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