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The Value of Regular Car Maintenance

September 8, 2020

For so many, getting into their car and driving off feels like rolling dice in Vegas. They put all thoughts about maintenance out of their mind and hope that their luck continues and everything stays in one piece. The problem is, this only works until it doesn’t anymore. There’s always a rude awakening, whether it’s when a tire blows out, or, worse yet, when there’s an issue with the engine.That’s why we at Auto Lab care about telling you about the value of regular car maintenance. Sure, we’re in the auto service business, but we’re in it to help people save time and money, not price gouge you. Here’s what you should know about maintenance that others aren’t quick to tell you.

The Possibility of Cost-Effective Longevity

When you buy a car fresh from a dealer, it’s hard to imagine that new car smell ever wearing off. Car owners ride high for thousands of miles with little thought given to maintenance, in part because they don’t have issues during this honeymoon phase.We advise making a maintenance plan immediately after you purchase your vehicle. For instance, though your engine won’t fail right away without consistent oil changes, you can compromise its health down the line by ignoring manufacturer recommendations from the get-go. Even though some people say waiting until 10,000 miles is okay, we don’t see the rationale. Because we’re emphatic that “oil is cheap but engines are expensive,” we recommend oil changes every 3,000 miles, which is a bit earlier than your owner’s manual will tell you.In general, this is how car care works. Not every cost-cutting measure saves you money. Give your vehicle regular attention, know its service schedules, and you’ll be driving it for two decades or more.

A Commitment To Maintenance Helps You Learn

Beyond all that, the value of regular car maintenance also lies in what you learn about cars along the way. People who turn their nose up at the subject don’t internalize much, and they need to relearn the same lessons about transmission fluid, timing belt replacements, wheel alignments, and more.Building a baseline understanding of a car’s inner workings and related services enables you to interact with mechanics from a place of stability. This helps you know when you’re dealing with someone with integrity or when you should go elsewhere.For trusted and transparent auto repair in Libertyville, IL, get in touch with our Auto Lab team.

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