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Improve nighttime driving with headlight restoration

September 10, 2015
Car headlights before and after headlight restoration | Auto Lab Libertyville IL

Are your headlights cloudy, hazy or not very bright? If you’re straining your eyes to see the roadway in front of you at night, you might want to consider getting your headlights restored.Dingy or dull lenses happen when the UV coating on headlamps absorb sunlight. The lenses get damaged over time and slowly deteriorate, especially on cars parked outside or in sunny climates.Auto Lab can help shine the light on your nighttime driving experience with headlight restoration.What does this restorative process involve? A sanding disc and special abrasive are used to remove the clouding, discoloration and surface defects from the lens. After buffing and polishing multiple times, the lens is restored, dramatically improving the brightness of your headlights.This easy and quick process often can be performed in one hour or less. Plus, it’s much, much less expensive than replacing your entire headlight assembly. Let us help you brighten up your nighttime driving and keep you and other drivers safe.As the fall brings us shorter days, you’ll want to consider getting your vehicle’s headlights restored before daylight savings time begins.

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