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Road trip ready! Car games your kids will love.

October 23, 2015
Family on a road trip - Auto Lab's car games to keep the family entertained | Auto Lab Libertyville

Are you road trip ready? When making your plans for this holiday season travels, don’t forget to pack the entertainment. Think beyond the electronic games and find fun activities the whole family will love. If you plan some fun games that get the whole family involved, you’ll have everyone singing merrily as you travel to your Thanksgiving and holiday celebrations.Here are five fun road games:

  1. Car Bingo! Go to and check out 101 Car Travel Games. Everything from car bingo to scavenger hunts are available. This site includes free printable car games and even includes sing along song lyrics so everyone knows the words and can sing along. Check out to print these free car games:
  2. Road Rally Fun! Take the top lid from a large cardboard box (ideally one with sides) and flip over. Before the trip, have the kids paint or draw a winding road on it. They can glue on rocks or paint on water/bridges, trees, building, etc. For younger kids, they can draw the road map with crayons while driving. Then before you leave, have the kids pack their favorite small toy cars to drive on their homemade road.
  3. Sock puppets.Finally, here’s a good use for those mismatched or single socks! Bring a bunch along and have kids decorate these with funny faces with washable markers and/or stickers. Pack the socks in a sturdy shoe box or plastic organizer bin and then kids can use for a stage or back drop for their puppet show. Ask kids to put on a play about their trip or some fun adventure they hope to have on their vacation.
  4. Car spotting. Name the models of cars as they drive by your vehicle. Everyone can shout out the name but whoever says it first gets a point. Have kids name their favorite cars or the cars they most want to drive when they get their license.
  5. License Plate. Everyone in the car needs to find a license plate other than your home state. Each player yells out a different state once they see a new license plate drive by. This should keep kids entertained for hours as they try to find every state. Or another fun variation is to make up what the license plate stands for. For example, LOP 257 could mean 257 lollipops, onions and punch on board.If these don’t keep the keep the questions in check, encourage kids to play rock, paper, scissors. Auto Lab wishes you and your family safe travels this holiday season. Take the time to schedule a checkup appointment before hitting the road!

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